After weeks of work, thousands of dollars and a ton of psychological energy you finally get a perfect stand, designed and assembled to build brand recognition and loyalty. And then you take a quick look at it and understand that something has gone wrong, the impression is ruined. There are a few tiny usual things we can do automatically without even noticing, though they can spoil the look of the stand significantly.

Put your jacket on the chair

What can be acceptable in your office (especially if you are one of the creatives), could spoil the look of your stand. A jacket on the chair, a purse on the reception desk, a briefcase on the floor. These objects not only distract visitors, but they also become an undesired focal point. You always remember things that stand out, and a piece of clothing or somebody’s suitcase will be exactly that kind of thing. That’s probably not what you want to be remembered for. Make sure that your exhibition stand designers have foreseen a sort of a “bones zone” to store clothes, bags, advertising materials, empty boxes and so on. And also make sure your exhibition crew actually uses them.

Keep visitors’ business cards on the desk

If you don’t foresee a place to store the business cards they will make your desk look messy during the busy hours. They will also make a bad impression on the following visitors – this mess might seem as if you’re neglecting your previous guests. So it’s better to have a box, a bowl, a folder – anything that will make them look orderly. However, we recommend that you use modern methods of contact data processing. Most venues provide badges with QR-codes that make exchanging contacts information so much easier, not to mention – clutterless.

Add some hired furniture without prior designer’s approval

Hey, we don’t say, that your taste isn’t good enough to add a chair here and a stool there. It’s just that the whole idea of the stand and how it will be perceived is inside your designer’s head and they are the person who can give you advice about it. Some stand designs even require custom furniture that has to be ordered in advance. It’s best to know your need in furniture on the stage of drafting the stand design so that you will not have to add the necessary yet ugly functionality to it later.

Leave plastic cups on display

Let’s not mention how harmful plastic cups are and how cheap they look (branded biodegradable single-use cups, anybody?). It’s always more chic and elegant to have plain ceramic cups for coffee and glasses for the spirits and soft drinks. But suppose you’re catering to a lot of people at an event at your stand, and you don’t have an appropriate dishwasher around. But anyway, you should never leave the plastic cups on display. Or paper plates. Or dirty mugs. Or greasy forks. Because as we said before, it’s the mess that people will remember.

All those conversations, meetings, discussions and speeches add up to the general exhibition excitement. As a result, you may become a little messier than usual, but that’s a bad moment for this weakness. Don’t ruin the result of the months of work by carelessly leaving a dirty cup or a bright yellow suitcase on display.