You can’t excel unless you challenge yourself. A strict limitation can become a challenge for a stand designer. When the IT-company SoftServe sent us the stand design request with such limitations we were intrigued and flattered at the same time.

The project size is not the most important thing for us. Of course, it is much easier to convey the ideas and brand messages when you have dozens of square metres of surface. But we used this challenge from SoftServe to prove that the high-quality concept is far more important than the size of the construction itself. In fact, the stand design is just another language for brand communication, only using 3-dimensional shapes.

But we decided to challenge ourselves furthermore. The pace of modern life is very prompt, so what if the limitation was not only about the space but about the time as well? So we thought of a stand that could be assembled and disassembled within less than half an hour. Not that anybody is in such a hurry before any exhibition, it is mostly to demonstrate the importance and value of time through the stand design.

To achieve that, we’ve used the magnetic fastening for individual elements. Every single element is made of lightweight acrylic. It’s like getting a Danish brick construction toy for grown-ups. The general look and feel of the stand are ultimately modern and hi-tech, just as the SoftServe brand is.