So you’ve got this offer from a fancy exhibition event. The cost seems to be unreasonable (what? only three days event?) and you are tempted to ditch the envelope. Before you do so, please, reconsider. There’s a reason the exhibitions seem to cost a fortune – they offer multiple benefits.

Extend your client database

The organizers invite only the people whose business interests are relevant to the exhibition topic. You get to meet the most condensed target audience ever. Add more prospects to your client database – that’s one of the main objectives for the participants.

Achieve one of the strongest ROI

Let’s assume, you manufacture some unique equipment one doesn’t buy on Amazon. The value of all the complicated technologies and patents used in it needs to be explained. No wonder, that there are more chances to convert a prospect into a client and to close a deal during the exhibition. All the costs connected with your participation could pay off within the exhibition time. Add up the memorable experience that the visitors will have after talking to your competent staff without any distractions.

Get to know the competition

In the world where almost any information is at your fingertips, the commercial intelligence is not a problem. You can always check your competitor’s website, see their clients’ feedback and check all the marketing activities they are up to. But the exhibitions give you a chance to see all of the major market players concentrated at the same place. Keep in mind, they also invite their prospects to visit, who knows – maybe they choose to switch to your offer? That, of course, means that your offer should be more valuable, but this is beyond what exhibitions can solve.

Switch from B2B to P2P

Whether you sell complicated machinery, or trendy shoes – the Hamlet-like decision “to buy or not to buy” is still made by a human being, and not the abstract “business”. The most elaborate landing page and a well-thought-out FAQ section cannot foresee all the possible questions a customer may have, especially if the product is hi-tech equipment. The exhibitions give you an opportunity to provide a better explanation and to answer the questions you never saw coming. They also let you get a human face for your company because people still prefer people over soulless brands.

Strengthen your brand

Random people don’t visit fairs like this, so it’s mainly your target audience. As a result, the brand awareness skyrockets.

 So, next time when you get an invitation to participate in a fair – consider taking part, it’s not merely showing off – it’s actually about earning credibility and closing contracts.