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6 years of experience

Virtual exhibition stand


6 years of experience

It’s been six years since we’ve designed our first project as GM DESIGNGROUP. To celebrate this occasion, we decided to participate in a virtual exhibition — because the real-world trade-shows have become extremely rare these days. And of course we’ve designed and built an exhibition stand for ourselves. We invite you to take a quick virtual tour there, for as long as the real world exhibitions are not a good idea right now, you can have as much social distancing as you want at our virtual exhibition stand.

In 2014, when we’ve created our first project, Ukraine was facing a serious crisis. But we never advocate for giving up or waiting for the right time, so we started the GM DESIGNGROUP anyway. This year’s COVID-19 crisis showed us our strongest sides and made our long term strategy as clear as possible. For example, we’ve started a whole new direction of virtual tours. We’ve also improved our procedures so that when the exhibitions are on the table again we’ll be more efficient and more effective.



There’s hardly a better metaphor for our experience than an iceberg. The massive ice rock, that is only 10% visible. It is always easier to see the obvious, but it requires a lot of knowledge and practice to see the things that should be there while they are not. The stand design is inspired by the top of the iceberg, but we always keep in mind that there is much more to it than just the visible part.



The cases we’ve performed, the designs we’ve created during the last 6 years and the experience we now have can certainly be found on our website, on our social media resources and portfolio, and all of it is impressive. But there is so much more hidden behind the fence of NDA — hence, the iceberg metaphor once more.



The demo-zone of the stand will get you acquainted with the projects we’ve performed and what we could help your company with. You can also play our video if you want to. The Lamborghini car on the stand is a metaphor too. The speed, the movement, the development and the direction to go forward are all here. It’s also about the luxury and uniqueness, as all of our projects are strictly tied to the needs of the customers. 







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