Project Description


Exhibition stand design

Frankfurt | Germany


To emphasize the premium quality of the products we use materials perceived as “strict, luxurious” with matt finish. The palette is also limited to the contrast black and white, with the addition of brown tiles and a little greenery. The eco-wall is an eye-catching element that also implies that the company is environmentally responsible. There is a separate zone for showcasing the new product. The screens on the stand can be used instead of the paper catalogues, especially if used with the VR module.  

There are a few negotiations zones on the stand, they can be used for different situations. For qualified customers, the exponents will be able to use the minimalistic and comfortable negotiations room, light and airy. For more casual conversations one can use the grey zone within the stand. We’ve also foreseen a storage place – a so-called “bones zone” for the convenience of the exhibition crew. All the clutter is well hidden from the visitors.



s o c i a l:
/b e h a n c e 
/l i n k e d  i n 
/f a c e b o o k